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lundi 19 mars 2012

Your Royal Highness

It's so british isn't it ?

A bit of old-fashioned, (or vintage ;-P ) a bit of gold, a little black dress... And you'll be sexy for your next party with  Harry !

Long or short necklace ? it's up to you ! How is your dress?

the short one :

and the long one (don't miss the golden key and the ginkgo biloba's leaf)

6 commentaires:


Oh my dearling ! it's so cute ! but where is Harry ? in the kitchen with Brian ??????? :))
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Anonyme a dit…

it's very beautifull

Anonyme a dit…

anonyme is jacklyne!!

Aezhenn a dit…

Thank you girls !
Love xxx

Œufories a dit…

magnifique !
la grande classe.

Cristalline a dit…

rrrrrrhooooooo mais comme ça brille !!!!! bravo pour cette collec' copinette ! et ta matriochka alors ? elle en est où ? des biz. sof

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